pg电子试玩游戏:Lunch talk on overview of graphene materials

  • Published: 2012-03-31
  • 2900
In a recent launch talk of GUCAS, Dr. Zhi-Yong Yang gave a general overview of graphene research, covering from history, synthesis, properties, application of graphene materials and his related research results. Dr. Zhi-Yong Yang started his presentation with a brief introduction of the history of graphene research and then elucidated the reason that the appearance of mechanically cleaved graphene was taken as the milestone of graphene science. Subsequently, he compared various methods to acquire graphene materials and explained the effect of synthesis process on the structure and properties of resulting graphene materials. Unique properties, potential application and current challenges of realizing potentialities were presented in his talk also. Finally, he shared his research results on local oxidized graphene with scanning probe microscopy.